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The tourist farm named »Pri Papeževih« is one of the oldest and largest farms in Banja Loka. Farm origins back in the 17th century. It was named after the first owner Papež.

Farms in this area have no tradition of dedicated farming. Due to the fragmentation of plots, poor Karst soil and lack of water, people for a normal life cultivated all kinds of cereals and maize, potatoes and flax. Good fruits grow successfully in the meadow orchards. Fruit is processed mainly in the "mošt" (fruit wine) and fruit brandy (“Kostelska rakija”).

We revived the turist farm »Pri Papeževih« for the production of agricultural products, restore orchards (meadow orchards) and started breeding small ruminants (sheep, goats).

With the renovation of the farmhouse, we added a new, tourist activity. Here we offer our guests accommodation which is an ideal base for spending free time.

Tourist farm house, which was built in 1902, is fully renovated. It has 11 beds in one, two or three bed rooms with toilets.
Accommodation rooms and the whole house are decorated traditionally as a “Kostel” house.

For tours of the nearby and more distant surroundings it is possible to rent a mountain bikes. We can also organize a ride rafts, kayaks and canoes on the river Kolpa. Near the village is also Kočevska trail, Slovenian transversal, Kostel walkway, Castle walkway, Trška footpath and cycle transversal.

Guests can cook meals in their own furnished and equipped kitchens.